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Employee Lockers

staff personnel lockerSalsbury Industries offers quality employee lockers. We offer two distinct styles of locker for on-site personnel:

Standard locker
For general use, we offer our standard steel locker. These lockers offer employees maximum security and privacy and are available in single tier, double tier, five-tier box styles or six-tier box styles. They can accommodate either a built-in combination or key lock or a padlock. Ideal for use in employee break rooms.
See online catalog for locker specifications

Vented lockers
Vented lockers are constructed with 16-gauge steel wire mesh fronts and sides. These personnel lockers combine visibility and maximum airflow with security. They are available in single-tier, double-tier and six-tier box styles. Ideal for use in company athletic rooms, dressing rooms or staff break rooms.
See catalog for complete specifications and prices on vented lockers

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